Empowering Special Needs Children, Ensuring Peace of Mind

Brainwave Watch was born from a place of love and the drive to find smart solutions. Our founder, John Hookway, a mechanical engineer with a heart for his family, was deeply troubled by the worry he felt over aging relatives. He knew there had to be a way to use technology to ease those anxieties and provide reassurance.

John’s determination resulted in MedicSignal – wearable technology focused on peace of mind. From those early days to our current Brainwave Watch, our unwavering purpose is to use innovation to enhance lives. We’re particularly passionate about helping families living with the unique joys and challenges of raising a special needs child.

Our Mission

To empower special needs children with life-changing technology, ensuring their safety while normalizing their everyday experiences. At Brainwave Watch, we believe every child deserves to live life to the fullest with confidence, and we’ll help families find the peace of mind to let them explore and thrive.

Smart Monitoring

Real-time tracking and even vital sign monitoring give you greater oversight for your child's well-being.

Autonomy with Safety

Our intuitive watches give special needs children more confidence as they explore, knowing help is a button press away.

Peace of Mind for You

Know your child is safe, even when you're not nearby, with alerts for any worries.

Effortless to Use

Simple setup and interfaces mean less tech frustration and more family time.

Get Help Fast

In any situation, your child can easily contact you or other helpers with the watch.

Meet Our Team People Minds

Behind every innovation and every success story at Brainwave Watch is a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of special needs children and their families. Our team is comprised of diverse talents, each bringing their unique skills, expertise, and commitment to our mission of empowering and supporting these exceptional individuals.

Why Brainwave Watch Matters

By choosing Brainwave Watch, you’re not just investing in a piece of technology – you’re investing in your child’s safety, independence, and overall well-being. Join us in making the best decision for your family’s peace of mind today.

Special Needs Children

Every feature is geared to give these exceptional kids more safety, normalcy, and freedom.

Parents & Caregivers

We bring solutions to ease your worries so you can focus on the joys of loving a special needs child.

Teens with Special Needs

Support as they become adults, with technology fostering independence responsibly.

Service Four

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