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John Hookway Photo

John Hookway - CEO

John Hookway is the CEO of Brainwave Watch, a mechanical engineer passionate about using technology for good. He founded MedicSignal, a device for signaling well-being, and, focusing on user-centered design. Known for innovation and human-centered solutions, John aims to create a safer, connected world.

Mehmood Shah - Marketing

Mehmood Shah is an experienced digital marketer specializing in lead generation, brand management, and effective marketing strategies. Passionate about staying updated with the latest trends, he helps businesses enhance their online presence and connect with their audience.

Jeff Mach- CMO

As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Brainwave Watch, Jeff Mach spearheads the strategic marketing initiatives for the company. Leveraging his extensive experience in event organization, branding, and community engagement, he leads Brainwave Watch's efforts to establish a strong market presence for its innovative products. 

 Nishanth Kumar - CIO

 Nishanth, is a seasoned developer with 15 years of experience in IT development. As a husband and parent, Nishanth views technology through a communication, cultural and social lens. He is a consultant to many bluechip companies in Auckland, New Zealand and an accomplished partner in innumerable successful startups, including Paydar (recently acquired).

 Nishanth Kumar, CIO